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Melissa ShellyIt isn't a surprise that, Melissa Shelly, the creative force behind Creo Que Designs™ is also a painter and a former actress. Although she was always drawn to the arts, what form that would take wasn't always clear.

Being a collector of important jewelry, Melissa began designing her own line of charms while in graduate school in the early 1990s. While studying in southern California, she found the Spanish culture fascinating and was inspired by the expression, creo que, which translates in English to mean “I believe that,” a significant name as each piece is a symbol of belief and represents her philosophy that our attitudes and thoughts create our realities. “I always had collected charms, however, I wanted to wear and design something more substantial than those of my childhood.” Drawn to symbolism, Melissa decided to use this eternal language to create a collection of unique charms giving new form to a classic tradition.

Melissa, who also holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, notes that the study and perception of images and symbols is integral in the human psyche as well as in her work as an artist and designer. “While the end product is a beautiful combination of fashion and design,” she says, “it is more a message of the collective unconscious which we all share.”

In her free time, Melissa enjoys painting, practicing yoga and designing interiors. She resides in the Pennsylvania countryside with her husband, son, three cats and a dog.


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Melissa in Valley Social

     Melissa wins first place in Ithaca College's Art and Literary Competition

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