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The Creo Que story builds on the beliefs that have inspired, encouraged, empowered and comforted believers through all ages. Designer, Melissa Shelly, often refers to it as the legend of belief, which she says evolved from the ancient philosophy that our personal realities can be created and transformed by our belief systems.

Creo Que translates from Spanish to mean “I believe that,” giving life to the idea that anything is possible if we only believe it. It is a state of awareness or universal language best manifested in symbolism. Since symbols are universal and eternal they give ordinary things a larger dimension, often a spiritual one transcending the notion of religion and philosophical thought. Although most symbols are archaic and surviving of technological innovation, they are mysterious and open to many interpretations. Even the cross has ancient roots preceding its most recent interpretation as an emblem of the Christian faith.

The Creo Que legend teaches us that our belief system can be the driving force behind every emotion, decision and action, transforming our experiences into miracles and magic. Creo Que Designs™ continues the tradition by featuring distinguished and contemporary designs of these ancient and traditional symbols of hope and faith encouraging people of our time.


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